How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Thailand?

If you have been telling yourself that you can’t afford to travel in Thailand because it’s too expensive, you might be surprised to find out that this destination is a lot more affordable than you might think. Thailand can be a very cheap country to travel in and low prices can be found on food, accommodation, beverages and other expenses – especially with the favourable exchange rates at the moment.

A Budget Breakdown

Here is what an average day in Bangkok might look like:

Accommodation – 500 THB

Breakfast and Lunch from a Street Vendor – 50 THB x 2 = 100

Dinner from a Sit-down Restaurant – 150 THB

Sky Train Ride – 20 THB

Taxi Ride – 75 THB

Bottle of Water – 15 THB

Souvenirs from the Market – 100 THB

Admission to Grand Palace – 400 THB

Total: 1360 THB ($42.25 USD)

Hotel Accommodation

There is quite a range of prices when it comes to accommodation when you travel in Thailand. You can get a dorm bed in a hostel for anywhere between 100-200 THB and a private room with a fan for between 200-300 THB. If you want the comfort of air conditioning, this will cost you around 300-500 THB.

If you spent between 600-1000 per night for a double room, you would be able to enjoy a stay in a nice hotel with a television, fridge, safe box, air conditioning and possibly a pool. If you spend more than 1500 THB per night, you will be staying in a very comfortable and luxurious establishment (for the price of the cheapest hotel in Europe or North America!)

phat-thaiFood and Beverages

The best option for cheap food in Thailand is to eat from the street vendors. A meal, usually consisting of rice or noodles, vegetables, meat, sauce and spices, will cost approximately 30-50 THB (or even less!)

If you want to eat in a sit-down restaurant with air conditioning, the price will be slightly higher at around 100-200 THB per person. Of course, in a city such as Bangkok there are a number of prestigious restaurants offering expensive menus, so if you really want to treat yourself you can spend as much as you like.

In Thailand the weather is hot and you will drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Since you can’t drink tap water, you will need to buy bottles of water from the 7Eleven and other convenience stores. Luckily a large bottle of water only costs around 13-15 THB.

When it comes to drinking, it’s much cheaper to buy your alcohol from a convenience store at around 40-60 THB for a big bottle. You can also find some cheap bars that will serve you beers for around 100 THB. However, if you want to drink at some of the luxurious rooftop patios and fancy clubs you can expect to pay a few hundred THB.


If you are taking a taxi in central Bangkok, it should not cost more than 150 THB. Make sure that the driver agrees to use the meter. Also, the BTS elevated train and the MRT underground train covers most of the main centre of Bangkok and a fare only costs around 20-40 THB. The bus in Bangkok usually costs under 20 THB for any destination within Bangkok. Many people like to take tuk tuks for the novelty factor, but they are actually more expensive.

What have been your experiences travelling in Bangkok? How much did you budget per day? Let us know in the comments below.

photo credit: Philip Roeland via photopin cc

photo credit: prufrock27 via photopin cc


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