Tasty Thailand – Tips for Taking Cooking Lessons During Your Trip

padthaiOne of the best aspects of visiting Thailand is the flavourful, spicy, fresh and fragrant cuisine! Spicy curries, salty and sour Phad Thai, warm and comforting soups, fresh noodles, tangy stir fries and much more- how could anyone not love the colourful diversity of Thai food?

When you return from your holiday to Thailand you will start to go through the symptoms of withdrawal and you will be plagued with cravings for your favourite tasty dishes that you enjoyed on your trip. Why not learn how to cook some of your favourite Thai dishes so that you can recreate them when you get home?

Where to Take Cooking Lessons

There are many places around Thailand to choose from when it comes to taking a Thai cooking class, such as:

  • Pum Cooking School in Phuket – A high quality school famous for its fresh and healthy Thai food.
  • Smart Cook in Chiang Mai – Another popular school. Most cooking classes in Chiang Mai will include a visit to the local market.
  • The Blue Elephant Cooking School in Bangkok – Morning and afternoon classes are available, which include a local market shopping trip.
  • Silom Thai Cooking School – They offer classes in a traditional “home style” setting and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed.

What to Expect

Most of the cooking classes in Thailand are around 4-6 hours long and they run during the day, usually costing around 800-1,800 baht. Usually the class will begin with a visit to the local marketplace where you will learn about the ingredients and purchase them. You will usually receive an explanation and a little bit of history about each ingredient, as well as tips for picking vegetables and choosing the right type of noodles and rice.

When you return to the cooking school, you will receive a hands on demonstration of how to prepare the dishes. Usually you will be participating directly in the cooking process – chopping vegetables, crushing spices, stirring soups, frying meats, etc. The professional instructors will lead you through each step of the cooking process, explaining as they go along.

At the end of the experience, you will get the pleasure of cooking the food that you prepared!

Tips for Taking Cooking Classes in Thailand

  • Before choosing a cooking school, make sure that you read the reviews online to find out what other travellers have to say and which cooking schools offer the best experience.
  • Make sure that you tell the cooking school if you have an allergy to any food ingredients, so that they can be prepared.
  • There are usually options available for vegetarians, so let the school know in advance so that they can accommodate you.
  • Don’t be afraid to try unfamiliar foods! They might look strange at first, but you never know until you try. Travel is all about new experiences!

Have you been on a cooking class in Thailand? What was the experience like? Let us know your stories in the comments. 

photo credit: adactio via photopin cc

photo credit: WordRidden via photopin cc


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