Snorkelling in Thailand – What Are the Best Places to Go?

Warm water, diverse marine life, affordable boat excursions and friendly people – Thailand is truly an ideal location for snorkelling. Going out on a snorkelling trip here gives you a chance to see the sea creatures close up and marvel at the beauty of the underwater world.

snorkelling-thailand2You will find some of the best snorkelling in Thailand on the Andaman Coast, as opposed to on the Gulf of Thailand. This is because over-fishing and diving on the Gulf of Thailand have damaged the coral and diminished the numbers of fish.

So where are the best locations for snorkelling in Thailand – where you will find the clearest water and the most diverse collection of sea life? Here are some of the most ideal places to head for a snorkelling adventure:

Surin Islands

This archipelago of islands is located in the Andaman Sea and is one of the most breath-taking and naturally beautiful areas of Thailand. Many people head to these islands in search of sea turtles and you are likely to get the opportunity here to swim next to one of these gentle creatures.

Many of the reefs around the Surin Islands are at shallow depths, which means that they are very easy to snorkel in. Also, the islands are home to the very first underwater nature trail in Thailand, which will give you a very interesting insight into underwater ecosystems.

The Similan Islands

These beautiful islands are known for their excellent snorkelling, because they have some of the most crystal clear water in Thailand. There are many big fish around these islands, as well as some very large schools of fish – so you are sure to see a very spectacular show when you are snorkelling.

RachaYai Island

This beautiful island is known for its coral reefs, so if you want to see some beautiful coral this is the place to go. This island has a number of small and sheltered bays, so the swimming is safe and relaxing. Also, the calm water means that you will be much closer to the fish. In this gorgeous island paradise you will be able to see stingrays, parrotfish, trigger fish, garden eels and much more. Also, on the island there is a beautiful beach resort where you can relax after your snorkelling trip.

Koh Lanta

This gorgeous Thai island is another ideal snorkelling destination. There are many great sites around the island, such as Koh Rok (considered one of Thailand’s best snorkelling sites), where you can find a wonderful diversity of marine life. You can spot everything from clownfish to Ambon scorpion fish to mandarin fish and much more. There are several trips offered around Koh Rok, whether you want to take a day trip or a four-island snorkelling adventure that includes a visit to the amazing Emerald Cave.

These are just a few of the best snorkelling trips in Thailand. Have you been snorkelling in Thailand? Where did you do and what did you see? Let us know your travel stories in the comments.

photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc
photo credit: behang via photopin cc


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