Playing Golf in Thailand – Is It for You?

When most people think about travelling to Thailand, they think about beautiful sandy beaches, ornate temples, street food sizzling in a marketplace and lovely rural ride paddies. A golf course might not be the first thing that springs to mind.

golf-thailand2However, Thailand is actually an excellent golf destination and there are many courses when you can play a few rounds in the sunshine. Thailand has excellent modern facilities, elegantly designed golf courses, superb infrastructure and much more to offer golf tourists. In fact, Thailand has recently been awarded a designation by the World Golf Travel Agents Association for being the Best up and coming destination for golf vacations. More people are booking holidays to play golf in Thailand than ever before.

In fact, Thailand has even hosted a few world class international golf tournaments and some of the biggest players have visited, including Colin Montgomerie, Ernie Els and Tiger Woods. Some of the best golf courses in Thailand include the Thai Country Club as well as the Alpine Golf and Sports Club, which are both located in Bangkok. Another popular Thai golf course is the Blue Canyon Country Club in Phuket. This is a challenging 18 hole course, which demands a long shot over a canyon. Also, in the Pattaya area you will find Laem Chabang International Country Club and St. Andrews 2000 Golf Club.

If you enjoy playing golf, Thailand will be a great destination for you to pursue this fun spot.

Reasons to Play Golf in Thailand

There are many reasons why you should consider going on a golfing holiday in Thailand, such as:

  • Thailand provides a much better value for money than other golfing destinations, with hotels, food and other expenses being much cheaper than Europe or North America.
  • The weather, especially from November to February, is very pleasant. There will be sunny days with light breezes, perfect conditions for golfing.
  • You will have a lot of choice when it comes to the landscape you want to play in, from the lush mountains of Chiang Mai to the beautiful beaches of Phuket.
  • When you are on a golfing holiday in Thailand, you will also have many other fun activities to enjoy, including swimming, snorkelling, visiting temples, jungle trekking and much more.
  • The caddies offered by golf courses in Thailand are top notch. Most of them speak very good English and offer excellent service.
  • When you are golfing in Thailand, you will also be able to enjoy the excellent local food – which is spicy, fragrant, diverse and delicious.
  • There are a number of golf courses to choose from in Thailand, many of them designed by professionals such as Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus. These excellent courses offer beautifully landscaped greens and top-notch facilities, as well as superb restaurants and club houses where you can relax after playing a round.

Have you been golfing in Thailand? What were your experiences? Let us know about your Thailand golfing trip in the comments below. 

photo credit: Michael Khor via photopin cc

photo credit: soulrider67 via photopin cc


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