Budget Hotels in Bangkok – How Low Can You Go?

When it comes to hotels and hostels, Bangkok is a very affordable city to travel in. Even if you have a very small travel budget, you will be able to find accommodation in this city that meets all of your basic needs for a very affordable price.

bkkFor example, you can find hotels and hostels in Bangkok that offer rooms between $8 and $20 per night. Compared to the costs of accommodation in Europe or North America, this is a huge savings. For example, for $19.80 you can get a room at the Asoke Montri Hostel with a double bed and a shared bathroom. This hotel is close to Sukhimvit Market and Soi Cowboy, offering lots of great options for shopping, nightlife and restaurants.

For an even cheaper option, you can book a standard double room with a fan at Lee House Inn for only $7.72 per night. It is located in the Silon/Sathorn area of Bangkok and offers a 24 hour reception and free WiFi in the public areas.

If you are traveling Thailand on a very small budget, having the option to stay in a hotel room that costs less than eight dollars can really help you to save money. If you have a slightly higher travel budget, you will get a lot of value for your money. Spending $30-$50 on a hotel in Bangkok means that you can stay in quite a comfortable and luxurious establishment, probably with a swimming pool and room service – all for cheaper than a run-down budget motel in many parts of the Western World.

Cheapest Vs. Best Value

One thing that I have learned while staying in hotels and hostels in Bangkok, as well as throughout Thailand, is that there is usually a very small price difference between the cheapest room and the best value room. Sometimes it is worth paying slightly more for a home, so that you can enjoy a big difference in quality.

For example, in some areas of the city you could find a room that costs $10, yet is falling apart at the seams. It might have a squeaky old mattress, mould on the walls or a terrible shower with no water pressure. However, if you were to spend $13 at a nearby hotel, you could find a room that is remarkably better, with a comfortable bed, a great shower and no mould or dirt. There’s no doubt that the second room offers much better value, even though it is slightly more expensive.

It’s amazing sometimes the difference in quality those two or three dollars can make, so when looking at hotel rooms in Bangkok make sure that you take value into consideration as well as cheapness. Take your time when choosing a hotel room and read the review online, so that you can find somewhere that fits your budget but is also clean, safe and comfortable.

Have you stayed in a hotel in Bangkok? What’s the cheapest room you have ever slept in? Let us know in the comments below. 

photo credit: Ludovic Hirlimann via photopin cc

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